10 Of My Own Quotable Quotes – Part 44

Let these statements help you to renew your thinking

1. Ignorance by nature is a silent assassin. The things you do not know will decimate your life peacefully. Your level of awareness will make you sensitive to the oppression and limitation imposed by the force of ignorance.

2. You should never aim to be rich on one transaction. The aim should be more about meeting the needs of people that it is about the profit margins you stand to get. If you are driven by passion for profits, you will punish the consumer in the process.

3. Create in your children the ability to fight for themselves and stand their ground. Children who always depend on the thinking and decisions of their parents.

4. When an idea gets the backing of a stronger party, its gains momentum and competitiveness. Similarly, a weak backup exposes the idea to extinction and unfavourable competing platform. The choice of business collaborator and partner determines whether your own idea will see the light of another day.

5. The power of the human body to heal from any health condition is dependent on the proper function of every organ. The body is armed to fight any foreign invasion. One has to realize that the body is the single most important unit that one will stay in for the duration of life hence it deserves the care.

6. When the vision is painted more vividly, it boosts the determination of those rolling it out. Present pain and pressure can be overcome through clarity in a vision being cast.

7. Life is composed of a series of decisions to be made. One silly decision can actually truncate your life span. The quality of your life is clearly structured around your daily decisions.

8. If humanity made it priority to enhance the comfort of a neighbour over self, the world not know the definition of war and poverty. There is enough wealth in the world; if only humanity understood the art of sharing.

9. When leaders create huge communication gaps with those in their teams, unrest and anxiety increases on either side. When you run organizations on assumptions and inference, your risk of losing your labour force is higher. Know the condition of those you look after and strive to make their lives better.

10. The blending of hope with anxiety creates curiosity. You should never become anxious but stay in hope. Optimism will always outrun skepticism.