5 Years From Now

Have you imagined your life 5 years from now? What would you be doing in 2015? Would you be successful? Would you achieve the goals you have? Would you reach the dreams you have in your heart?

Future is something we can create. We may not know what lies ahead of us but we will always have a choice of what kind of life we like to have. Whichever dreams you dream about, you have the power to make it into fruition. It’s a matter of making wise choices in life.

I expect a number of objections here. You may say it depends on what circumstances will be down the road. But let me tell you this, the most successful people in this world don’t rely on circumstances. They create events. They take calculated risks. They take as many chances as they can. They are brave enough to make mistakes because they know they’re part of their journey to success. They know what exactly they want in life and they put their head and heart with their specified objectives to attain their goals. They don’t just dream for the sake of dreaming but they do have clear vision as to what type of person they will be in the future. They know the reason of their existence. They live with a divine purpose. They don’t waste their time on just improving the external package but they spend time working on the inside because they know character is something they can carry through their lives and inspire people. They want to be successful because they want to help other people succeed. They know the first in the list of their priorities-God. Although they’re at the prime of their chosen path, they know everything was only possible because of God who strengthens them.

So I challenge you to realize the deepest desires God has planted in your heart. Dream big. Dreams are free. Chase after your dreams. Make them happen. The most gratifying thing is doing things other people think you can’t do. You prove them wrong. You will be a breakthrough. You will inspire many. They will look up to you and say, “He/She did it. Therefore, I can do it either.” You won’t notice 5 years will pass. Would you want to let another 5 years in your life be put into waste? Or would you invest your time with people? Relationships bring you a step closer to your dream. Look for mentors. If you want to be rich, be with the rich people. If you want to be wise, be with the wise people. I don’t know what you want to be in the next 5 years or so, but we all dream to have a better future. Take action. Take charge of your life. Choose to be a better employee, a more loving son/daughter, a more understanding parent or simply a better individual. That’s why God gave you the freedom to choose. Stop blaming others of what happens to you. Acknowledge your mistakes. Look forward to a new life and a new you. Do all things out of love and drop the fear. Put God first and you’ll never go wrong. Whatever life leads you, don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

I hope to see you successful, blessed in every area of your life, helping other people succeed in 5 years. I believe everyone has the power to make things happen. I hope you would choose making other people breathe easier because you exist. Believe in your potentials as God does. You are God’s masterpiece. Bring out the best in you. In time, you can say I no longer live but God lives in me.