Freedom Work – How Work Frees Us

“Surely that’s an oxymoron,” many shriek, hating work, whether it’s paid or not, not seeing any connection whatsoever between the two words that title this article.

And yet:

Work is our ticket to freedom.

The subject of work we find daunting mostly for what it involves – we can’t truly extract ourselves from our work in this world because our work involves an intrinsic part of all our lives; just walking to the fridge to commence making a sandwich involves work. We’re best not to be beaten down by our work – that’s the sign we need rest.

Getting ahead in life is about getting ahead.

Ticket to Ride

It’s truly about being two steps, notionally, in front of the games (of work) that consume us. (Imagine thinking all our activities [work] as games.) If we can discipline ourselves to plan ahead and do whatever we determine needs doing, we do reap much blissful freedom. There is no limit to this spiritual freedom we reap for the meaning of our work.

These are our ‘tickets to ride’ in life.

Option or Requirement – Our Choice

The reverse is hardly a viable option… the less we do the more the requirements of others will be on us.

We don’t really like that word “requirement” in this context. Most of us would much prefer “option” over “requirement,” and it is the wisdom of experience that teaches us.

As always, we learn the easy way or we learn the hard way.

Those working to enlarge their options will be called “diligent” and many blessings will be theirs. They work like faithful servants, never trifling about what they’re losing; they focus on what is gained in and by their work, personally and via those they serve, for we must all serve someone.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.