Real Women Have Curves

When you look of classic paintings, what kind of woman do you see? The only skinny ones are the skeletons. Up to some years ago, we were plump and happy. What are we today?

If you don’t know who Twiggy was, it is time you do. Twiggy was this British model that looked like a

twig, hence her nickname. After she became a total success during the 60’s, women and men went

crazy, embracing this body type and making it our new model. Her body shape became the norm.

Because of Twiggy, everyone started dieting. The craze had begun. The food and the pharmaceutical

industries, physicians, nutritionists, researchers, Hollywood, and so on jumped on the bandwagon and Marilyn Monroe was soon forgotten.

From then on there was not stopping women from desiring to be skinny. And then, to make things

worse, came Jane Fonda and the “muscle is beautiful movement.” I remembered once seeing a birthday

card saying something like this: “Before Jane Fonda, 40 was the age when women could relax about her body.”

We have suffered this self and social imposition to be skinny and shapeless for over 35 years! For over

35 years we have starved, overate, bounced back and forth, become yo-yos, suffered low self-

esteem, developed eating disorders, become bulimic and anorexic, lost the lust for the pleasure of

eating, developed self-hatred, searched for an identity based on our poor self-image, become addicted

to exercise, gone through more plastic surgery than we care to admit, and so on and so forth.

On our quest for the perfect skinny body, we have lost hope and in return, many have also gone to the

other side of the scale. Since we can’t win the skinny game, we have become couch potatoes, obese and sick.

Nowadays there are two types of people, especially women: the ultra thin, exercise buff and the

obese, couch potato. There is no in between. According to the norm, we are all at least 20 lbs

overweight! But in reality we are just showing a naturally shaped body.

This game we have been played lately takes no winner; we are all losers and very much unhappy.

It is now time to stop.

The good news is that slowly but surely, women are waking up and realizing that a body made of sticks

is the illusion of few and that false reality has got give way to the real reality: women have curves. Think about the freedom you will have when you realize that it is all right to carry your body in a rounder way. This is the shape we have.

Let’s stop this nonsense and accept ourselves as we truly are: more like Marilyn and much less like

Twiggy. Sure, let’s exercise and eat balanced and nutritious meals, using mostly organic and fresh

food. Then, let’s look in the mirror and admire our curves. They are our blueprint. They are part of us. Only then, we will be in peace with ourselves and find true happiness.