Voices in My Head

Who are you listening to? What words are you hearing and more importantly believing? Are you hearing positive, up-lifting, life breathing things about you? What are you hearing inside your mind?

There are many, many voices that are speaking to you every day, all day long and even in your sleep. What are you hearing? Are you hearing that you are no good, washed up, finished, worthless? Are you getting beat up by those voices you hear? Or are you hearing positive, up lifting, life giving stuff? What are the voices saying to you right now? Are you being told you’re a loser, a failure, not worth anyone’s time or attention? Are the voices reminding you of all the wrong things you have ever done? Reminding you of the abortion, the divorce, the affair, not being pure, cheating, lying, stealing, and everything else you have ever done wrong. What are you hearing? There is an enemy that you have and he will steal, kill and destroy you if you let him.

Don’t believe the lies. Don’t give those negative voices any time. Hear the truth about who you are. Hear the real story of your future, your destiny. Listen to the One who is telling the truth about you. God is for you and not against you. You are not alone in your life. You have not been abandoned in life. Folk around you may have left you, but don’t for one minute think you are alone. You can have hope, peace, joy, freedom, and even deliverance from the voices. Today is your day to start walking in freedom! Today is your day to experience true love!